Help for an injured bird

If you see an injured bird that needs help:

Please call or text 610 0400 or call 0800 822 8888

as soon as possible!

We will ask you the following questions:

  • The exact location

  • Type of bird

  • Type of injury

  • How long he has been there

  • Can the bird fly or not?

  • Is the bird standing or not?

  • Will we need nets?

  • Will we need ladders?

  • Is the bird in water? Can he swim?

  • Can you send a photograph of the situation?

  • How long can you wait and watch while we get to you?

  • If you already have him contained, would you be able to reach a veterinarian with the bird?

If you plan to contain and/or transport the bird

Note: we do not advise the public to attempt capture. 

  • Injured birds are scared and in pain: they will do anything to avoid capture

  • Many birds have sharp beaks, claws and even strong legs, necks and wings. Do NOT endanger yourself during capture or restraint. Eyes and faces are especially vulnerable to beak damage, particularly from raptors and waterbirds

  • If you have already restrained the bird, make absolutely sure he cannot get out of the container during transport

  • Make sure he has airholes to breathe during transport. Ideally a soft liner in the container to avoid sliding and causing further damage to his injuries

  • Do NOT tape a beak shut