(no fee, day visits)
  • Local volunteers would be expected to reach Roaring Creek where transport could be arranged for the remaining mile if necessary. The busiest time for the Centre is between 6.30 am and noon, and from May to September.

  • Whatever the duration of time that you can donate, we ask for a regular commitment to preserve structure and continuity at the Centre.

  • Those with the skills to cope with any/all of the listed day to day tasks would be particularly welcome.


Free, unpaid, local volunteering or live off-site

Intern and Volunteer personal development opportunities

  • Diet & nutrition: prepare and distribute parrot food: chop fruits and vegetables, cook beans and corn, make birdie-bread, prepare & distribute non-parrot foods - meat, fish, insects, chicks and mice, wash dishes and water bowls, sweep and clean food- prep areas, prepare and administer special diet formulas.

  • Husbandry: clean aviaries: sweep, hose or rake floors, wash food platforms and perches, change branches, add enrichment, clean rolling cages and crates, launder towels.

  • Enrichment: add greens and branches to parrot aviaries and smaller enclosures, make and forage for toys, provide companionship for habituated parrots.

  • Medicine and hands-on: perform basic health-checks, administer routine medication, put on wing wraps, administer fluids, tube-feeding, bird-banding.

  • Horticulture: seed and plant avian food crops and trees, plant permanent enrichment for aviaries,  beautification of tour areas, build water-bird rehabilitation ponds and enclosures.

  • Driving: collect/rescue birds, shop, veterinary clinic visits.

  • Education & public awareness: give presentations in schools, develop educational literature, produce educational videos and You-tube posts, assist with open days: public shows, science fairs etc., maintain Facebook, website and blogs. 

  • Fundraising: show visitors around the Centre, assist with local fundraisers (evening events, bake and book sales etc), grant writing, solicit donations.

  • Design: book illustrations, promotional material, t-shirts etc.

  • Skilled construction: maintain, renew and construct aviaries and enclosures, design and build nest-boxes, feeding platforms, visual screening, walkways, and tree-top viewing platforms (for humans)