Media & Public Awareness

Launch of Zack & Kiki
San Pedro Sun, 1st July 2016

Captve parrot registration programme

Licensing programme launched

San Pedro Sun, 10 July 2014

Reporter Newspaper - Barn Owl article

Protect our Barn Owls!

Reporter Newspaper, March 23 2014

TIDE yellowhead conservation collaborative

Conservation of Endangered Yellow-headed Amazon

Reporter Newspaper - Captive parrot registration programme

Captive birds being surrendered for rehabilitation.
Reporter Newspaper 2015

Reporter Newspaper - Pelicans in Peril

Increase in pelican injuries. Reporter Newspaper
Feb 2nd 2014

Ambergris Today - Black Hawk Release

Release of Great Black Hawk,

Ambergris Today

City Parrots about BBR

City Parrots article on poaching in Belize

Reporter Newspaper - about BBR

Second Chance for former captive parrots
Reporter Newspaper, 22 June 2014

Forest Dept launches project to save parrots

Parrot Registration Programme

CTV3 Belize News, April 16th 2014

BBR Newsletter February 2015

February 2015 

Magazine Articles
Psittascene Magazine - BBR article

World Parrot Trust Psittascene

Vol. 21.4 No 81

(November 2009)

Parrots UK Magazine - BBR article

Parrots UK Magazine

Issue 195, April 2014 

Saving Earth Magazine, Winter 2020


Web articles featuring BBR