Operational Costs


People often ask what it costs the Directors to run Belize Bird Rescue. Here are our major, unavoidable daily expenses


Average annual running costs $80,000USD
All operational and expansion costs from 2004 to 2015 came from the Founder/Director private funds.*
Income is now derived from our Global Giving and local fundraisers and from Rock Farm Guest House



All parrots are fed every morning

We use 76 baskets to hold the daily rations of parrot food which costs around $1US per basket. Each basket contains items such as parrot pellets, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, papaya, banana, fresh vegetables, seasonal fruits, cooked corn and beans, multivitamins, cooked egg, birdy-bread.


Seasonal fruit examples: coconut, tamarind, molly apple, sugar cane, craboo, kinep, noni, surina cherries, black-berries, gooseberries, wild grape, mango, cashew fruit, pitaya


From our ponds and the river we harvest fish for the numerous water birds we rehab throughout the year, and we purchase fish from local sea-fishermen for our sea-birds 


Other weekly feed costs:

Rats & Mice - $50 (bred for raptor food)

Mealworms - $11 (bred for passerine food)

Chicks & chicken (bred for raptor food and eggs) - $30

Onmivore and toucan foods include special pellets, meats and egg.

Weekly feed costs* approx $623US



BBR employs three full-time and two part-time staff members.


Oscar is our Husbandry Co-ordinator keeping  a close eye on the birds physical and mental conditions.


Jose & Orlando are our groundsmen who help out BBR by doing everything from building structures and enclosures to maintaining the fish ponds and fruit trees.


Carmen cleans up morning prep, scrubs cages, washed towels, cleans the indoor rehab/nursery/clinic areas, prepares fresh produce for the next day and forages for home-grown foods. 

They are fabulous, dedicated people and we wish with all our heart that we could afford to pay them more for their services.

Weekly wages costs* $400US



BBR has two vehicles, a little diesel truck about as gutsy as a clownbike, but economical and a great vehicle for shopping, dumping the trash and transporting large rescue crates. And an old Mitsubishi Montero that has a hundred issues but the automatic gear-box is perfect for interns, and the hatch back provides safe, climate-controlled bird transportation.


Both are old and probably on their very last legs (although we have been saying this for 3 years now!). Thank goodness for Belizean mechanics who are great at nursing tired vehicles back to health!


We travel hundreds of miles a month for our rescue and release trips throughout the country. Other regular journeys include shopping, education/outreach, and veterinary visits.


Average monthly fuel bill is $450. Vehicle tax, insurance, and repairs are another $3,500 per year.


Weekly transport costs (average) $150US


The water supply is electrically pumped from Roaring Creek to a hill-top tank, and gravity does the rest. The electricity is drawn from the national grid and is expensive.


There is also a solar pump that aids the aeration stream to the fish ponds. 


Gas for cooking and water heating is delivered by truck to a bulk tank and piped to the house.


The phone line to the house is also our internet connection and we have a post-paid cell phone contract; two prepaid numbers and a toll-free Wildlife Advice Hotline.


Average monthly utility bills for BBR:

Electricity $240

Butane gas $130

Phone $210


Weekly utilities costs* $130US


We produce a selection of educational materials, the majority about parrots and parrot care. We reprint as often as able and distribute at schools, visitor centres, restaurants, resorts, and any other appropriate public venues such as the annual Agricultural Show, and Forest & Fisheries Day.


We assist the Forest Department with their outreach initiatives wherever possible, and conduct our own public awareness and education programmes.

View or download our current materials.


Request copies for your school (in Belize only)


Contact us to arrange a presentation for your school or organisation (Belize only)

Admin includes web hosting, taxes, fees, postage, printing costs etc


Weekly costs* average $75US


'Facility' is a broad term for everything that is Belize Bird Rescue. The entire ground floor of the 10,000 sq.ft. building encompasses the food prep area, nursery, quarantine, clinic, bathroom, office, storage areas and some of the non-releasable resident birds.


All of the buildings and practically all of the enclosures were funded from the Directors' personal savings. Thankfully we now have only a few more facility needs before we at an optimum. Our current costs are mainly for expansion, upkeep, repairs and replacement of existing facilities


We use Animal Medical Centre in Belize City as they are the most suitably qualified for avian veterinary care and orthopaedics. 

A wing or leg pin surgery costs between 150-300US and an X-ray is $25US. Monthly costs vary but we usually have outstanding monthly bills of over $350US

Weekly costs* facility & medical average $175US

(*All figures are in US Dollars - $1US = $2BZ)


Belize Bird Rescue Avian Rehabilitation Centre & Sanctuary

Rock Farm, Roaring Creek

PO Box 219 Belmopan

Cayo District, Belize

Tel: (+501) 610 0400

email: belizebirdrescue@gmail.com

Founders: Nikki Buxton & Jerry Larder

Non-profit organisation number 13777

NGO registration number 144/2015

Registered Office:

Rock Farm, Roaring Creek, Cayo District, Belize

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