About Belize Bird Rescue

Founded in 2004, Belize Bird Rescue (NGO) operates under license and support from the Government of Belize Forest Department, and is Belize's only multi-species avian rescue and rehabilitation centre.

Over the years, through kind donations and support from volunteers and visitors, funding has grown. Belize Bird Rescue is grateful for the continuing support of Welltech LLC, The World Parrot Trust, Mark Hagen (Hagen Inc), local volunteers and companies, plus the wealth of knowledge brought to the organisation by visiting professionals in avian medicine, rehabilitation and behaviour.

Belize Bird Rescue is a listed Non-governmental Organisation and registered in Belize as a non-profit organisation.

Central flight aviary
Water bird rehabilitation pond
Belize Bird Rescue enclosure
Our Facilities

Belize Bird Rescue is situated on a privately owned 50 acre reserve. More than half of the land directly supports the avian rehabilitation and the remainder is a wildlife sanctuary bordered by 100 acres of dense forest. 

The facilities have been growing steadily since 2004. In 2014 we completed alterations to the former prep room, transforming it into a clinic and intake room. Thanks to donations from Devin Dombrowski, the developer of WRMD Wildlife Database, we are also now able to do faecal and blood analysis.

We are grateful for ongoing sizeable financial donations from Jerry Larder which have enabled the construction of a much-improved food-prep room, nursery and an additional 'dark' room for raptor convalescence and owl hand-rearing.

We have a purpose-built workshop and tool-shed, which has freed the area under the main building. Thanks to the generosity of the 2015 Parrot Lovers Cruise, a portion of this was also converted into a much-needed 'hospital ward' for baby birds and clinic patients. 


We currently we use our fully-tiled downstairs bathroom as a wet-room for sick and injured water-birds, but we are just a few weeks away from completing our dedicated water-bird enclosure, thanks to the generosity of the Global Giving Donors

In addition to the new dark room, our raptor rehabilitation facilities were recently extended to include a new purpose-built flight aviary and 4 additional barns, bringing us to 6 in total. We are grateful to have received this donation from The Belize Raptor Center.


The parrot facilities are extensive and growing every year. There are 17 small enclosures (min 8'x8'x4') used for quarantine, introduction, recuperation and permanently disabled birds. Five large flight aviaries (approx 60'x30'x20') and 10 pre-flight-sized enclosures ranging (12'x20 to 20x30'). We also have 6 large rolling cages and 3 large wire dog-crates for isolation and observation as well as numerous smaller crates, cages and enclosures. We also have 3 off-site release aviaries and one more under construction.

We are in desperate need of another large flight aviary for the white-front parrots (Amazona albifrons). Their current aviary is close to our non-releasable and very vocal yellow heads, as well as human activity. So far we have had no repercussions from this set-up, though increasing numbers of white-fronts in need of rehabilitation require that we make conditions optimal for release.


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containment aviary within rehab flight
Celeshia putting birds in quarantine enclosure