Meet the Team!

Oscar Valle, ABA

Husbandry & Welfare


With the intention of joining a Government department in Belize he studied Business Management, but after a temporary summer position at Belize Bird Rescue he lost his heart to these amazing creatures and has become a vital member of the team.

He cares for the birds daily and knows our long-term residents better than anyone! He cleans the aviaries, adds enrichment and keeps a close eye on the physical and mental condition of the birds. He also works in our eduction programmes and assists the Forest Department with Captive Parrot Programme inspections.

Oscar, Rachel & Celeshia
Jose Ganzalez & Orlando Valle
Groundsmen, Maintenence & Aviary construction


Originally employed as groundsmen, they have proven invaluable to Belize Bird Rescue. They work tirelessly, collecting browse, seeding and planting fruit trees. 

They build, repair and maintain all of the enclosures, keep the grounds clean and sanitary, look after the chicks (raptor food) and assist Oscar with major husbandry tasks such as screening and re-perching.


Orlando manages the fish stocks and ponds, and fishes with a cast net when the water birds need food.


Jose is an expert carpenter and welder and after 3 years at Belize Bird Rescue we can safely say he is Belize's leading expert in aviary construction.

Jose & Orlando building aviaries
Nikki exercising a frigate bird

Nikki Buxton BSc. Hons (Biology & Natural Sciences)
Founding and Ongoing Director


Nikki has been managing Belize Bird Rescue since its inception in 2004.  Although the Centre works with every species of indigenous birds, her passion will always  be for the parrots.


Jerry Larder, Chief Engineer, Welltech LLC

Founding Director


Jerry has a long history of animal rehabilitation, with a passion for raptors.

His dedication to wildlife welfare and public awareness in Belize, his enthusiasm, and his contacts throughout the world are the foundation upon which Belize Bird Rescue is built. 

Jerry checking the wings of a crested guam