Rehabilitation for release is our primary goal

  • Parrots forage over great distances every day, seeding the forests and dropping food for ground-dwelling animals as they go.  

  • Healthy parrot populations are a vital part of Belize's booming tourism industry.

  • Parrots do not thrive in captivity which results in a high turnover of poached birds.

  • Every bird returned to the wild augments future breeding populations.


  • Belize's coast is part of the largest natural barrier reef system in the northern hemisphere. The birds that live within this special environment are an essential part of the ecosystem.

  • Belize's extensive mangrove forests are home to 178 bird species, and are the breeding grounds and nursery for hundreds of species of wildlife.  

  • All water birds are essential for the health of our diverse aquatic environments: seas, lakes, lagoons, wetlands and rivers.

  • Raptors create balance in nature. They eliminate the very old and sick, control lizard, rodent and snake populations, and maintain a healthy ecosystem.

  • They are a natural and effective way to help keep crops pest-free.

  • They are an indicator species, sensitive to environmental changes and contaminations from human activities.



  • The term 'passerine' encompasses an incredible number and diversity of bird species.

  • Passerine means 'perching' and refers to the foot structure of a bird that has 3 forward-facing toes and one backward facing toe, which makes a perfect gripping, perching foot.

  • 'Others' refers to birds such as pigeons, doves, kingfishers, woodpeckers, hummingbirds, that have a different toe arrangement; two toes to the front and two to the back. 


Belize Bird Rescue Avian Rehabilitation Centre & Sanctuary

Rock Farm, Roaring Creek

PO Box 219 Belmopan

Cayo District, Belize

Tel: (+501) 610 0400


Founders: Nikki Buxton & Jerry Larder

Non-profit organisation number 13777

NGO registration number 144/2015

Registered Office:

Rock Farm, Roaring Creek, Cayo District, Belize

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