Volunteer from home

(in Belize only)

Volunteer from home

(in and outside Belize)

Bake birdie-bread

Bake egg-cake for parrots

Host a Mealworm Colony

Donate fruits and veggies

Sell Membership Packages

Local Fundraising

Promote BBR online

Promote Rock Farm Guest House (our main funding source)

Promote t-shirt and book sales

Online Fundraising

Local fundraising (in your home town)

Represent BBR at local fairs and events

Sell membership packages

Look for grants (and even help apply)

Look for magazine and online article opportunities

Collect donated items and consolidate for shipping (through our Belize Freight agent in Houston)

Represent BBR at Outreach events

Present in-school education programme

Volunteer in your home town

(in Belize only)

Free, unpaid

remote activities