Pierre the Mealy

January 8, 2015

Pierre, the Mealy blue-head (Amazona farinosa) was surrendered to us because the owners suspected there was something physically or mentally wrong with him. He is terrified of people, which is usually the sign of a wild-caught adult or an abused bird. He has an eye missing, terrible feather condition, badly clipped wings and he is filthy. The current owners had only had him for 5 months and his behaviour never improved and continually distressed them.


After a week of care he is beginning to trust us and is adjusting to his new surroundings. To begin, we have given him a large crate in a spare room by himself. We have to catch him twice daily to administer medication and can’t chase him around a larger space without undue distress. He is becoming increasingly less fearful and even takes food from our hands now. He still looks a mess though. 


Hopefully in time he will be fit enough to join our little blue-head flock. 


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