Stage 1 of the new facility!!!

August 21, 2015

 We have just received word that the money raised so far on Global Giving is on the way to Belize.


As we have recieved donations of one third of the money, the obvious thing to do is focus on one-third of the construction.


The planned facility was to encompass specialised rehab facilities for three broad categories of avian species: passerines (‘garden birds’ or ‘songbirds’), waterbirds (including sea, river, lake, estuary or marsh-dwelling birds) and of course the psittacines: parrots.


As we are so close to the months that bring us migratory seabirds, we have decided to work on the water-bird enclosure first.


December and January see many exhausted juveniles heading our way – mostly pelicans and cormorants. Up until now we have used our downstairs bathroom for waterbird rehab – it is without doubt the most photographed private bathroom in Belize!


The new facility will feature a solid, concrete enclosure (without a toilet!) which will provide protection from the inclement ‘winter’ weather and the capacity to use heat sources (lamps and pads).  There will be an additional outdoor weathering area and also an aviary with a fishing pool final stages of the rehabilitation.


This is a very exciting prospect for us: we have always been frustrated by the lack of appropriate housing for all of those amazing piscivores that end up in our hands, but now we are 'this' close to that purpose-built dream facility.



Thank you to every single one of you that donated to our campaign this year. You HAVE made a difference!









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