A worthwhile Summer!

August 28, 2015

"Are you a fellow animal lover or crazy about birds?"


Do you want an unforgettable experience where you can find purpose in rescuing wild birds and helping them return to the wild?


Do you not mind being woken up every morning at sunrise by a few hundred birds ushering in the new day?



Belize Bird Rescue is looking for interns/volunteers who are passionate about wildlife and want to use their skills and talents to help return wild birds back where they belong.


 My name is Lauren and I spent the last two summers at Belize Bird Rescue working alongside the dedicated staff.


Belize Bird Rescue is unlike any other place I've worked at. The staff are amazing and work tirelessly to make sure that the wild animals stay wild.


Belize Bird Rescue is not just a place where birds from all over the country come to be rehabilitated and released. For many birds, it is their only hope of ever truly being able to be a bird again.




I will never forget the first birds I released, three grey-breasted martins, knowing that I would likely never see them again.


Even though the birds we work with are not pets and many times we will never see them in the wild, it is an incredible feeling knowing that you personally had a hand in caring for a creature that will live its life out doing what it was created to do; giving the gift of flight and freedom back to a bird who would otherwise have no hope.


Because we are not just releasing birds into the wild, we are giving them their wings back. And when you mend a broken wing, you heal a broken spirit. 




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