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December 2, 2015

We took delivery of two confiscated birds the other day - they were being openly sold in the market place, which thankfully is unusual in Belize. A red lored and a female white front, clipped wings, tiny cages, minimal food and no enrichment.

It is always a joy to introduce a neglected bird to toys and natural foods, but this time even we were blown away with their enthusiasm. Unfortunately, almost every time we got close with the camera they stopped what they were doing. 

We can NEVER over-stress the importance of enrichment. Smart birds like parrots get bored very easily, and when they are bored, they are destructive - to your home, their cage, themselves or each other. A few minutes of YOUR time providing suitable enrichment will keep a parrot sated for the day. That sounds like a pretty good swap to us!

 Confiscated red lored

 Confiscated white-front female

 This bird never stops playing

 Orlando hauling berries for the birds to destroy

 isn't she gorgeous!

 white-capped pionus playing on the berry-ladder

 white-front toy swing

 For a parrot, food is always fun!

 white-front amazon chewing on her toy

 This yellowhead baby lost part of his beak to another parrot. It doesn't stop him enjoying his toys though.

 Oliver started stress-picking when his sibling died. A change of scenery and something to occupy the mind works wonders. he is now fully-feathered, flighted and has found a mate.

 Yellow-head babies learn through play, just like any human baby


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