Another smelly peli

February 3, 2016

A lady called about a pelican that had been hanging out by her dock for three days or so. She'd been feeding him bread, but she had a sense something was amiss. She called Belize Bird Rescue.




Jerry was nearby and drove over to the address to take a look at the bird. The bird seemed somewhat weak and Jerry decided to bring him to the rescue for a diagnostic evaluation.




The bird's droppings were loaded with worms and worm eggs. Once the bird was strong enough to stand the medication, we started him on a dewormer


 At intake he weighed 2568 grams. We fed Peli Tilapia from our pond. We snipped off the fins to make the fish a bit easier to swallow and digest. Peli would always make certain that the fish went down his throat head first to prevent damage from fins


Peli was easygoing and had a good appetite as the dewormer treatment eliminated the parasites from his/her system. He thrived under our care, and put on 500 grams easily. We thought it was time to release him.


Abby unlatches the carrier


Peli seemed happy to be let out of the carrier.


But he seemed somewhat lethargic and we became concerned that we'd released him too soon

 Sam had to brave the murky waters and go and net the little guy

 After a few attempts, Sam and Nikki managed to get him back into the carrier and back to BBR. Let's try again later shall we!





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