Pelican vs Catfish

February 19, 2016

Thanks to two reports from concerned Belizeans and two fabulous rescues by our capture experts Belize Animal Rescue, we took in two juveniles who both got on the wrong end of a catfish. (photos Belize Animal Rescue) 

These two babies bit off more than they could chew. Enormous catfish with lethal barbs got caught in the pelicans soft pouch and thrashed around causing a lot of damage.

 This one turned the pouch inside out (photo Belize Animal Rescue)


Dr Jane removed the nasty mouthful and set about stitching the wounds on both pelis. (photo Belize Animal Rescue)



Some of the longer slices needed a few stitches. Pelican pouches come under a lot of pressure when they dive for fish. A small opening like this can split into a lethal slice (photo Belize Animal Rescue)


Some holes didn't need attention and will heal well without stitching. (photo Belize Animal Rescue)


The two pelis finally at Belize Bird Rescue. The now famous bathroom was the starting point for their recovery. Both birds with parasites and seriously underweight (2500g instead of 4200g+)

Thanks to a Belize Animal Rescue appeal, and a contact by Linda Searle of Sea Sports Belize, Mr Richard Young, Sport Fisherman and guide and completely wonderful man donated over 50lbs of baitfish to the peli-beli's
These birds eat around 4lbs of fish per day each. Mr Young just saved BBR around $200 !!! Our hero!

Bad news for Richard Young's fish - good news for our pelicans! Thanks again Mr Young, fabulous sport fisherman of Belize.


This is Mr Rudy of the Belize Forest Department getting acquainted with pelican behaviour (and smell, and attitude...) He came for parrot handling training and got more than he bargained for :-)


Just chillin' Thanks to Belize Animal Rescue for the donation of the fabulous pool.


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