February 24, 2016

In care at BBR for 10 months, with just 4 more days to go before freedom in the wild.It's been a long road.

Here's our story: Mindy was a baby when she got squashed by a girl who fell off her bike, breaking the wing in 2 places. Dr Philip Deshield pinned it and Mindy has made a perfect recovery.

Mork came from a family in the same area, who saw a TV report on Mindy's struggles and didn't know it was illegal to have a pet toucan. They called BBR to give him up, although his wings had unfortunately been clipped.

Both now 100% healthy and in the pre-release ready to go!

Photo courtesy of andphotos

Photo courtesy of andphotos

9th March update from the release site:

Both Mork and Mindy have remained in the area where they were released, but are no longer visiting the feeding table. This is because they are finding their own food in the wild exactly the way they are supposed to. (The abundance of wild grown food at the release site is exactly why we love releasing there) 

Photo courtesy of andphotos


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