Jacob & Isaiah

March 8, 2016

Hello, my name is Isaiah. I am a white front. I live with my brother Jacob at Belize Bird Rescue. We were surrendered after a routine inspection from the Forestry Department. When I came to BBR, I had a lump above my left eye. I’m so glad it wasn’t anything serious!

 Dr Philip Deshield from Animal Medical centre managed to remove it for me – what a relief! All this stuff came out of it. He called it ‘cheese wizz’ but it didn’t look as yummy as cheese!

 The swelling has gone down and I don’t have to have antibiotics anymore.

 Our wings were clipped, but luckily they should grow back pretty soon. We’re both recovering pretty well. We’ll be able to join other white front babies this week and are planning on going back to the wild this time next year.




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