One giant step closer to freedom

September 7, 2016

All of our baby white fronts have finally moved out of their tiny apartment and into a huge place with the other, older white fronts. 26 wriggly babies were caught, weighed, crated, and moved in one hectic hour. Phew!
They were a little unsure at first, but after a few seconds peering out through the crate door in the new enclosure, they were flying off exploring and loving the new space. Not babies anymore, no more hand feeding, and now they are one huge step closer to life in the wild! 
The fluffy half-bald one is Mary-Kate who we posted about a few months back. We had to separate him from his brother, Ashley, as they were aggressive and tearing out each other's feathers. Mary-Kate can fly and is almost waterproof, so we tried him out in this group and he loves it! No aggression at all, as is almost always the case once a bird has enough space. Unfortunately Ashley is still too naked to join them but he will soon catch up. Love those white-fronts!













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