Yellowhead Babies to Freedom!

November 25, 2016

Last week we transferred our baby yellowheads for pre-release. We got this report from the fabulous Nickolas Lormand who has been volunteering to care of the 14 birds pre and post release:

"Tuesday marked the 7th day of our effort to release 14 endangered yellow headed parrots back into the Belizean pine savanna. After a week spent in the aviary getting accustomed to their new home, it was finally time to open the doors and let our flock spread their wings and explore! 
As soon as the doors were opened, three birds immediately flew out and began exploring the territory, calling back to those still in the aviary. As the day went on, all but four parrots left home, some hanging around the area while others flew much farther to get a hold of their new home.
As the sun began to set, I began to hear the vocalizations of our parrots as they starting returning in pairs and small groups. I was very excited to see them return, but the challenges of the release are just on the horizon. Having seen some of these parrots as chicks, it is truly a gratifying experience to see them fly free once more."


















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