And they're Free!!!

November 28, 2016

Latest from Nickolas Lormand (Scarlet Studios) out at the yellowhead release site:
"The released baby yellowheads seem to be adjusting well: they are away foraging in the forest for most of the day. I only really see them when they come back at dusk. There are 12 of them all flying together. They come back and snack on the food I've set out. They don't eat much of it though so they are certainly finding food elsewhere.
I am sure the two adults are the ones that are not returning. They were the two wildest ones and were ready to get out of the cage almost as soon as they arrived. Although I haven't seen them at the feeder, I believe I have seen them in the distance - it's hard to tell for sure. If the rain lets up and the sun cooperates, I may be able to get a photo that we could enlarge to see if they have a leg ring."

Thanks again Nick for your dedication, especially with the torrential rain that Hurricane Otto sent our way! And thanks for these beautiful photos - just a taste of what you have to show us when you return.






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