Update on Candy

September 17, 2016

Update: Over the past couple of months you have met Gloria who had a bad diet, Max who had a broken wing, Aphrodite who had a broken leg, Candy with the horrible fungal infection in her mouth, and Pickle the baby victim of hurricane Earl. All of these Red-Lored Amazons have been recovering with time, some quicker than others, and now all happily share a large enclosure and are forming a flock with the help and influence of Georgie and Potts who were surrendered pets brought here two years ago.

All of these birds had to spend quite some time alone, getting treatment and recovering and it is so nice to see them with each other day in and day out, not having to get medical attention and being able to live an almost normal parrot life.


CANDY when she first came in

 CANDY - horrible fungal infection

 CANDY you can see the growth in her mouth


 candy now :-)

 candy again

 This is Aphrodite with her leg splint

 and now



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