Yoda the Pygmy Owl

June 17, 2018

This is Yoda, the baby Pygmy Owl!


 The photo above was taken upon arrival at BBR


Yoda was found alone on the ground, having fallen from its nest. Spotted by Sandy from Corozal, the little guy was transported to us by BPMS. With a check from our Vet Sophie, Yoda weighed in at just 20g! He was then moved into the nursery, so we could keep a close eye on him.


The photo above was taken on June 1st (Weight 50g), approx a week later from the first photo!


 We all certainly have soft spot for this beautiful owl!!!


Did you know, to make themselves look bigger and to scare predators, Pygmy Owls have dark patches of feathers on their nape that look like eyes?



 The photo above was taken June 16th 2018 


On June 12th Yoda weighed in at 64g. What a difference to when he first arrived here at BBR! Yoda has now grown so big, we have now moved him into a large outdoor aviary. He is one step closer to being released into the wild!



Big thank you to our interns for the beautiful photos!

For videos of our interns feeding Yoda, check out our facebook page!




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