Catching up

May 17, 2020

I am so sorry - it's been a while.

Over the last 6 weeks or so, Belize went into a state of emergency and much like the rest of the world, 'normal' became a thing of the past.

The government took extreme lock-down measures, borders and airports were closed and tourism stopped just about overnight. Many of you know that BBR relies heavily on tourism income through our funding partner Rock Farm Guest House. Now that's gone, and likely not coming back for many many months.
We have doing a lot of campaigns on social media and Global Giving, but I am embarrassed to say I forgot you guys - our subscribers. And right here is where that is changing.


So, to update you, since our the last blog post, we have gone into baby season, with 28 baby parrots to date and several other youngsters of different species. We are working with a lot of home rehabbers and other non-avian organisations as in-country travel has been a little difficult, if not impossible, although those restrictions are lifting as Belize enters its 5th week without a new case and 14 days since the last of our 18 recorded cases made a full recovery.


Bush fires in the dry weather gave us several of our babies, and I am guessing that the economic impact of a tourism-based country on lock-down has hit the poachers, as sadly, they appeared to have stepped up their game somewhat too. 


As we are watching every penny, our staff are laid off for the foreseeable future, leaving me (Nikki) without staff or interns during baby season. Well, that's fun isn't it!!


Once more we are relying on generosity of donors and sponsors to help us through this difficult period, and you guys are doing us proud! You have been SO supportive, and we are incredibly grateful for that.


We ask you as always to continued sharing our web links and Facebook posts, plus our Global Giving links , and our paypal address, and thereby help us to sustain this level of support.


And my promise to you in return is to keep you in the loop with this blog.


In the meantime, cute babies for you.


warm regards,










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