It's all about the yellow-heads!

June 9, 2020

This week it’s all about our endangered yellow-headed amazon, Amazona oratrix belizensis, a unique subspecies with fewer than 1500 birds remaining.


In the 1970’s there were approximately 70,000 oratrix.

By 1994 only 7,000 remained.

Today, the global total (Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, Belize) is likely fewer than 2000 birds, with Belize being the major stronghold


Poaching for the pet trade continues to be the primary reason for their decline. Habitat loss is a close second.

You can be a part of our efforts to help this iconic species. Only 8 days remain to reach our funding goal of $10,000. No gift is too small, and every penny will be put to work immediately to raise our rescued nestlings through to their release in May 2021.


Because of your generosity through the years, we have been able to successfully release 122 yellow-headed parrots back into the protected areas of Belize. Join our family of donors and be a part of saving this iconic species in Belize.


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