Wish Lists

All of our wish-list items in one handy list


Local Hardware

Plywood (1/2" construction ply)
Inch and a half outdoor wood screws
Large black rubber bowls (from Reimers)
Cotton Ropes (for perching)
Garden hoses & fittings
Aluminium fly screening
Treated timber: 3"x3"x 10' and 2'x4'x 10
½” galvanised mesh wire (4’ wide)
Galvanised square tubing, 20’ lengths (especially 1” and 1¾”)
Stainless steel self-drilling roofing screws (one inch)
Sacks of cement, Gravel stone chippings


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Local Consumables

Paper towel rolls

Hand soap, dish soap

Clorox & Flash

Mops & Brooms

Hose Pipes & spray nozzles

Washing powder 

Fly spray 

Batteries (AA, AAA and 9v)

Unwanted towels

Gasoline and diesel: Garbutts Gas Station in Roaring Creek take pre-payment for our fuel


Local Food Supplies

Any fruits & veg (except avocado, onion, cantaloupe and pineapple)
Sunflower Seeds, whole corn, parakeet seed (from Reimers)
Red beans, black beans, garbanzo beans, eg
Beef pieces, chicken cuts, whole small sea-fish snapper and sardines


Big Asks

One-off large items 

Golf Cart

Push Bike

10' x 10' (or 10 x 15) tent for outreach and education events

Twin-tub washing machine

A House! Yes!! An old wooden one, Portacabin, RV... anything that could be used as an intern accommodation, rehabilitation space or over-spill hospital/quarantine facility or even a BBR office