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Belize Bird Rescue operates under license and support from the Government of Belize Forest Department and is a Belizean registered non-profit and non-governmental organization.

Due to the sensitive nature of our rehabilitation programs we are not open to the public


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In 2004, two featherless baby parrots came into the lives of Nikki Buxton and Jerry Larder, bringing the illegal wildlife trade right to their door. Since then they have worked to find solutions to avian wildlife poaching and conflict situations, mindful of cultural practices and sensitivities. Belize Bird Rescue rapidly became the country’s only multi-species avian rescue centre, working with every species of resident and migratory bird in Belize.

Belize Bird Rescue is grateful for the continuing support of its donors, sponsors and supporters to provide funding for the organisation, and appreciates greatly the wealth of knowledge brought to the organisation by visiting professionals in avian medicine, rehabilitation and behaviour.


Belize Bird Rescue is situated on a privately owned 50-acre river-front reserve dedicated to avian rehabilitation and preserved as a wildlife sanctuary. 

  • Fully equipped veterinary clinic with emergency care, surgery and diagnostic facility

  • Dedicated kitchen for avian diet preparation

  • Parrot, passerine and raptor nurseries

  • Dedicated water-bird room and flight aviary with pool

  • Extensive raptor barns and flight aviaries

  • 6 parrot flight aviaries & more than 30 pre-flight and quarantine enclosures

  • Songbird enclosure

  • Workshop

  • 5 managed off-site pre-release enclosures

  • Intern accommodation



Nikki Buxton
BSc. Hons (Biology & Natural S
Founder & Managing Director
Nikki provides the day-to-day medical care, hand-rearing and rehab management for the Centre. She is a Founder-Director and has been managing the organisation since its inception in 2004.  Although the Centre works with every species of indigenous birds, her passion will always be for the parrots.

Nikki was recently awarded an IFAW Animal Action Award 2023

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Oscar Valle, ABA

Husbandry & Welfare

Oscar cares for the birds daily and knows the long-term residents better than anyone. He cleans the aviaries, adds enrichment and keeps a close eye on the physical and mental condition of the birds. He works closely with interns and volunteers and also assists the Forest Department with inspections and enforcement. Oscar knows all of our birds and has incredible awareness of any changes in health and behaviour


Orlando Valle & Jose Gonzalez

Husbandry, Maintenance & Aviary Construction

Jose and Orlando work tirelessly, collecting browse, and seeding and planting fruit trees. They build, repair and maintain all of the enclosures and keep the grounds clean and sanitary. They help to take care of the food colonies and assist Oscar with major husbandry tasks such as screening and re-perching.
Orlando manages the fish stocks and ponds, and fishes with a cast net for water-bird supplies. He also loves caring for our extensive rodent colonies. Jose is an accomplished carpenter and welder and is without doubt Belize's expert in aviary construction.


Carmen Guillen

Cleaning & Food Prep

Carmen keeps the indoor facilities clean, including the prep room dishes, laundry and crate cleaning. She also forages for fruits and foods from around the property. This lady is an absolute whirlwind of activity and adores the birds and animals at the rescue.


Sam Hatto-Hembling

Director and Administration

Sam volunteers with BBR in her spare time. She helps with admin tasks and runs the membership and adoption programmes as well as helping out with transportation and the odd rescue! 


Geoff Hatto-Hembling

Site Management

Geoff volunteers with BBR in his spare time to manage staff members and the upkeep of the extensive property that BBR rents for their rehabilitation and release programs. He is actively hands-on with maintenance and also volunteers his time for transportation and rescues.


Maryann Izzarelli-Turner

Social Media & Fundraising

Maryann volunteers with BBR in her spare time. She is instrumental in keeping all of our the social media pages active, produces the newsletter and runs multiple fundraising activities every year. 


Dr Sophie Hebert DVM

Avian & Exotic Veterinarian​

Dr Sophie visits on a regular basis and volunteers her services as an avian vet and behavioural specialists. She is familiar with all of the rehab cases at BBR and is available 24/7 for expert online consultations.


Jerry Larder 


Jerry is an engineer by trade. His financial contributions during the early years and his dedication to wildlife welfare is the foundation upon which Belize Bird Rescue is built. 


Accreditation & affiliation

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