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Some of the common questions asked of us at BBR

I found an injured bird, or a bird on the ground, what should I do?

How do I get help for a captive parrot in a small cage?

Can Belize Bird Rescue help with all wildlife?

Can I have a parrot in Belize?

I want to surrender my captive parrot for rehabilitation

How do I import my companion bird into Belize

I would like to receive educational resources 

How do I attract birds into my garden?

You can contact us straight away for help and advice, or check here to see if the bird really does need our help 

Contact us (in confidence) with details of the situation and location and we will pass on the report to the Belize Forest Department without involving you or giving your name. The people that have the bird may be given time to comply with permit conditions, or the bird may be confiscated and brought for rehabilitation immediately. Whatever happens you will have helped that bird.

Yes! We will respond to rescue calls for all species of wildlife, and then find the correct organisation to help with that particular species. 

It is illegal to have a captive wild parrot in Belize. If you have a bird that has been in your possession for several years, you may be eligible for a permit.


Belize Bird Rescue now gives online presentations via Zoom.

Contact Us to bring our avian conservation programmes to life for your education establishment, club or organisation 

It may be possible to import your companion bird.  Check here for some information but remember that regulations may change, so please obtain up to date information from the relevant Government departments

We have many resources available to download and print, or contact us to request a free information pack (Belize only)

We produce a leaflet to help you to attract birds to your garden in Belize. Download or view here

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