7 Nov 2019

We managed to finally release 3 of our Red-footed juvenile Boobies a while ago! Dr. Tom and me, who are currently volunteering here, were allowed to join the Boobies to their release sight a...

31 Oct 2019

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Hello everyone! This is Angela. I am an intern at BBR and will keep you updated the upcoming weeks!

Yesterday Oscar, Dr. Tom and me examined the White-fronted Amazons to decide if they are...

21 Sep 2019

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Happy Independence Day, Belize!

To celebrate, we put up our new billboard on the Guanacaste Park Roundabout in Belmopan. Celebrating the independence of more than 900 birds that would otherw...

17 Sep 2019

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Just a quick line to say that our yellow-head babies from this year's nesting season are doing really well in their bush aviary. They are interacting beautifully with one another, exhibiting...

17 Aug 2019

Parrots get mangoes everyday for their daily meal and they absolutely love it! Mangoes are fairly fatty, but because the parrots at the rescue have plenty of space, they can fly and move aro...

22 May 2019

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Today is 'Paws & Claws' day at Global Giving.
For one day only (from 09:00ET) donations up to $500 will be matched at 30% until the pot runs dry, so get in early! 
If you were thinking of gi...

2 Apr 2019

Yes, it's 15 years this month since our first ever feathered ones entered our life.
Bonnie & Clyde - 2 red lored babies, and Fat-belly Jones the olive-thoated parakeet changed our lives fore...

5 Nov 2018

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Last night was the much-anticipated return to the wild for this beautiful stygian owl. He came to us mid September with a fractured leg and was clearly suffering from lack of nutrition.


2 Nov 2018

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BBR had its 8th Annual Night Out for the Birds at Corkers Restaurant in Belmopan on Saturday.

This was our most successful year ever with over $12,500BZ ($6,250US) raised to help keep BBR up...

3 Oct 2018

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It's that time of year when we take review all of the amazing help we have had throughout the busy season. And one of the major contributors to the health and hand-rearing of our 99 baby par...

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Red-foot Boobie release at Half Moon Caye!

November 7, 2019

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