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  • Memberships are valid for 1 calendar year from the date of receipt of payment

  • Contents are described for the year of purchase. Substitutes for alternative year contents are not permitted. Surprise merchandise is not guaranteed or specified

  • 2022 Membership T-shirts size and colour is subject to availability. Should the purchasers’ choice of size and colour be unavailable, a full refund of the membership purchase may be issued on request in writing.

  • Membership packages are sold in their entirety with no price reduction in exchange for content reduction permitted

  • All packages will be mailed from Belize to the USA and then forwarded by an agent to all other regions. Due to uncertain shipping times, BBR is unable to give a guarantee on the delivery date. Any taxes due on importation is the responsibility of the purchaser

  • BBR will send replacement packs in good faith free of cost to the purchaser should the original be lost or damaged in transit

  • No refund or returns after the goods have been shipped. 

  • Goods do not carry any warranty 

  • All prices quoted are in US Dollars (US$) and inclusive of any Belize taxes and shipping/mailing costs

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