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Due to the travel restrictions into Belize we are unable to accept any internship reservations.

Our sincere apologies, and we really miss our interns. Hurry back!



In these uncertain time, we are unable to offer on-site internships. 

If you have the time, we can use your skills with remote volunteer positions.

Contact Nikki to receive updates on the programme's status, or to volunteer remotely

Online volunteer/intern skills


  • Promote BBR's social media

  • Promote BBR merchandise

  • Fundraise online

  • Local fundraising (in your home town)

  • Present BBR at local events

  • Sell membership & adoption packages

  • Search for grants (and even help apply)

  • Search for magazine and online article opportunities

  • Collect donated items and consolidate for shipping through our Belize Freight agent in Florida

Hopefully our BBR Internship programme will soon be back up and running.

(Belize is an English speaking country)

Cost of internships?
(US Dollars, fee per person)

  • 2 Weeks: $590 (minimum duration)

  • 3 Weeks: $885

  • 4 Weeks: $990

  • 5 Weeks: $1,225

  • 6 Weeks: $1,410

  • 7 Weeks: 1,620

  • 8 Weeks: $1,855

  • 9 Weeks: $2,040

  • 10 Weeks: $2,250

  • 11 weeks: $2,442

  • 12 weeks: $2,600

*Additional $210US per week after 12 weeks

What's included?

  • Airport Transfers 

  • Basic meals and excellent accommodation

  • Full training in all day-to-day tasks

  • Advanced training in avian rehab 

  • Periodic transport to Belmopan for personal shopping

  • An amazing life experience!

  • Opportunity to try out all of the skills listed here

  • Unique opportunity to work with wild parrots

  • Hands-on rehab experience with many avian species 

  • Training by experienced rehabbers

  • Clinic experience with expert medical personnel

  • Acquire multi-species capture and restraint experience on rescues

  • Gain knowledge of diet, husbandry, and life-cycles of neo-tropical and migratory birds

  • Develop biometric and record-keeping skills

  • Attend school and community outreach events

  • Experience the multicultural life in Belize

  • Opportunities to explore the country

  • Realize an increase in responsibilities as your internship progresses

  • Beautiful living conditions


  • Applicants must be 18 years or older.

  • We are looking for interns with an appropriate educational background and a lot of enthusiasm; avian experience is desirable but not always necessary

  • Those with skills to cope with the majority of tasks listed will be considered favourably, particularly during the busy baby season

  • Accommodation is provided in the main house at the Centre or in the adjacent Intern House (pictured). All towels and linens provided

  • Space is limited: interns may be required to share two to a room, especially at peak times (May to September) 

  • There is a kitchen available for interns to produce/store their own breakfast and lunch. Evening meal or the ingredients to make an evening meal will be provided 

  • Transport to and from the airport is included. We are unable to provide flights

  • If either party is unhappy with the internship arrangement they have the right to terminate the agreement. In this event, Belize Bird Rescue is not liable for any additional costs incurred for flights that may have to be changed.

  • If you are not a US citizen and you are travelling through the USA, please ensure you have the correct visa in place.​

  • IMPORTANT: all interns and volunteers must be prepared to start work by 7 am

  • NOTE that there are several dogs on the property 

Intern and Volunteer personal development opportunities

  • Diet & Nutrition: prepare and distribute parrot food: chop fruits and vegetables, cook beans and corn, make birdie-bread, prepare & distribute non-parrot foods - meat, fish, insects, chicks and mice, wash dishes and water bowls, sweep and clean food- prep areas, prepare and administer special diet formulas.

  • Husbandry: clean aviaries: sweep, hose or rake floors, wash food platforms and perches, change branches, add enrichment, clean rolling cages and crates, launder towels.

  • Enrichment: add greens and branches to parrot aviaries and smaller enclosures, make and forage for toys, provide companionship for habituated parrots.

  • Medicine and hands-on: perform basic health checks, administer routine medication, put on wing wraps, administer fluids, tube-feeding, bird-banding.

  • Horticulture: seed and plant avian food crops and trees, plant permanent enrichment for aviaries,  beautification of tour areas, build water-bird rehabilitation ponds and enclosures.

  • Driving: collect/rescue birds, shop, veterinary clinic visits.

  • Education & Public Awareness: give presentations in schools, develop educational literature, produce educational videos and YouTube posts, assist with open days: public shows, science fairs, etc., maintain Facebook, website, and blogs. 

  • Fundraising: show visitors around the Centre, assist with local fundraisers (evening events, bake and book sales, etc), grant writing, solicit donations.

  • Design: book illustrations, promotional material, t-shirts, etc.

  • Skilled Construction: maintain, renew and construct aviaries and enclosures, design and build nest-boxes, feeding platforms, visual screening, walkways, and tree-top viewing platforms (for humans)



Protecting the Birds Species of Our Beautiful Belize.

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