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All proceeds from the sale of this book will directly support avian conservation projects at Belize Bird Rescue.


It's been a year since Zack & Kiki escaped the clutches of parrot poachers in the beautiful jungle of Belize in Central America. They never stopped thinking about Abraham, the old yellow-headed parrot who helped them to gain their freedom. Determined to repay his kindness, Zack & Kiki plan his rescue with the help of their parrot friends and a friendly owl.


This book follows on from Zack & Kiki the Great Escape where our two protagonists make their own escape from poachers back to the heart of the jungle and their family.


Written by Belize Bird Rescue Director Nikki Buxton

Illustrated by Karin Harvey

Zack and Kiki: To The Rescue

SKU: 9769588512
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